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China Resources: Web Videos

Investor Jim Rogers: China is the superpower of the 21st century.
JimRogersChannel, 1 January 2009

World Economic Forum: Is China's Growth Sustainable?
BBC World Debate, 3 October 2007

Keywords: global dominance, economic development

Keywords: environment, economic growth, CO2-emissions, public protest

Source: YouTube /

Source: YouTube /


Comparison of TV reporting on Obama's visit to China.
Surveys in 13 Asian countries show a substantial number of people who expect China to replace the US as the leading superpower. 18 November 2009

BBC World News America: Made in China.
3 April 2008

Keywords: policy, global dominance, Obama

Keywords: economic growth, labor conditions, workers

Sources: YouTube / / SKY NEWS; BBC; Fox News; ABC News; CBS News; NBC; KBS; CCTV; Asia Today; RT.

Source: YouTube


China's high-speed trains CRH3.
A trip on the Dongchezu high-speed train. 27 July 2009

BBC One: John Sweeney investigates China's openness.
4 August 2008

Keywords: infrastructure, high-speed train

Keywords: censorship, media

Source: YouTube /

Source: YouTube /


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