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WWW Internet Guide for Chinese Studies: Geography

Topic: Link collection for Chinese studies.

Description: Large collection of web links on China from Hanno E. Lecher, Manager of the Leiden Division of the Digital Archive for Chinese Studies (DACHS) of Leiden University, Netherlands.

Comment: Excellent! Focused on scholarly web links.

"About" Geography - China

Topic: Links and hints on geography.

Description: Large collection of web links on geography, including links to many country studies, by Matt Rosenberg.

Comment: Excellent starting point.

China Map - Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University, USA

[Updated: 28 August 2014]

Topic: GIS.

Description: China Map is a collection of data layers for browsing online as web-based maps, many of which can be freely downloaded. These include datasets on: transportation, high-speed railways, population density, GDP, higher education, minority and language groups, energy infrastructure, watersheds, river systems, nature conservation areas, vegetation and land cover, and Buddhist sites.

Comment: Nice web tool, but some of the data layers are outdated.

Map Help (pdf)

G. W. Skinner Data Archive, USA

[Updated: 28 August 2014]

Topic: GIS.

Description: This is an archive of the datasets developed for the Regional Systems Analysis laboratory, under the direction of G. William Skinner. The core datasets, including GIS layers and tabular data, are being preserved in this repository. Together the datasets will present a case study of the methodology used for determination of the Levels in Urban Hierarchy (LUH), Urban-Rural Continuum values (URC), and the delineation of Core Periphery Zones (CPZ).

Comment: Basically a repository of GIS data and draft maps related to Skinner's papers. Rather limited in scope.

China Data Sets

Harvard Geospatial Library, Harvard University, USA

[Updated: 28 August 2014]

Topic: GIS.

Description: The Harvard Geospatial Library is the main repository a catalog for geospatial data in the Harvard University Libraries. Originally developed in 2001 with an internal Library Digital Initiative grant as well as the generous support of the Rasmussen Foundation, HGL is now part of a broader multi-institutional project. HGL has license for detailed information at the county level from Chinese census.

Comment: Rather difficult to use. Most interesting data layers require log-in with password.

Ministry of Land Resources - People-s Republic of China

Topic: Land.

Description: Official ministry web site. English version has not much content.

Comment: In Europe extremely slow.

Ministry of Water Resources - People's Republic of China

Topic: Water.

Description: Official ministry web site. English version has some reports.

Comment: In Europe slow.


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