China's military budget increases by 17.8% in 2007.


2007, May


According to Jiang Enzhu, China's defense spending will ammount to 350.9 billion yuan in 2007 - an increase of almost 53 billion (or 17.8%) as compared to 2006. In 2006, military spending increased by 36.6 billion or 17.7%. The acceleration in military spending is causing concerns outside of China that the country might embark on a more aggressive foreign policy. Experts are also indicating that the real size of China's military spending is likely to be several times larger than the official figures citied above. A report of the US Defense Secretary to Congress is arguing that China's modernization of nuclear-powered Jin-class submarines, unmanned aircraft and more advanced missiles is indicating a move towards a more aggressive defense strategy.
Commentary: China's defense spending is still a fraction of the US military budget. One might also argue that an economically dominating China needs a modernized army to play her political role as a stabilizing, regional super-power.


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