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China joins supercomputing elite.



2010, May 31


China's Nebulae machine at the National Super Computer Center in Shenzhen, was ranked second on the biannual Top 500 supercomputer list (for June 2010). China has two supercomputers in the list of the world's 10 fastest machines.
The Nebulae system is build from a Dawning TC3600 Blade system with Intel X5650 processors and NVidia Tesla C2050 GPUs. It has a performance of 2.98 PFlop/s with a Linpack performance of 1.271 PFlop/s. This is the highest rank a Chinese system ever achieved. The Jaguar system at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA managed to hold the No. 1 spot with 1.75 PFlop/s Linpack performance even as itís peak performance is lower than the Chinese Nebulae system.

Comment: This achievement is another indication that China seeks global leadership at all fronts - economic, technologcal and political. It is about time that European research centers wake up and focus their human and economic resources onto high-tech sectors. The highest ranked European supercomputer (Jugene-Blue Gene/ P Solution at Forschungszentrum Juelich in Germany) is at rank 5.


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