Freedom in the World, 2007 - Political Rights and Civil Liberties (Selected Countries)

Source: Freedom House: Freedom in the World 2007: Subscores

Since 1973, Freedom House, a US-based nongovernmental organization, is producing an index of political rights and civil liberties. In its 2007 revision, China is still among the countries with the lowest scores in the seven sub-categories evaluated. According to this combined index, China has, for instance, much lower freedom of expression and belief than Russia, Pakistan, or Tanzania. However, in the sub-category "individual rights" China is ranked higher than Pakistan and at the same level as Russia.
India's combined score of political rights and civil liberties is more than four times higher than China's.
Highest rankings in the Freedom House index were given to European countries, such as Finland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Denmark, or Austria.
For details of methodology and complete country rankings see: Freedom House

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