Seizures of Heroin and Morphine, 2006

In kg equivalents

Per 100,000 of the population


Source: United Nations, Office on Drugs and Crime: World Drug Report, Vienna, 2008
Note: 1 kg of morphine is assumed to be equivalent to 1 kg of heroine. Due to limitation of space, country names were abbreviated: Russia stands for Russian Federation, UK stands for United Kingdom, USA stands for United States of America.

The forth largest seizure of heroine and morphine was reported from China - far more than from India or the United States of America. This indicates that China is beginning to have a serious drug problem.

In relation to the population size, the Netherlands had rather high seizures of heroine and morphine - far larger than Germany, France or the United States of America. China and India had only small amounts of heroine seizures in relation to population size.

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