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Updated: October 14, 2013

Top-20 Photo Books on China /* (Click to buy at

National Geographic: Inside China. 2007 (National Geographic)

This book depicts modern China in its diversity and often harsh reality. Includes informative essays.

Michael Yamashita: Marco Polo: A Photographer's Journey. 2004 (White Star)

World-famous photographer Yamashita follows Marco Polo's legendary expedition. Brilliant images, short essays, illustrations, maps.

Lisa Ross: Living Shrines of Uyghur China. 2013 (The Monacelli Press)

Images that reveal a little-known religious tradition in Xinjiang.

Tom Carter: CHINA: Portrait of a People. 2010 (Blacksmith Books)

American journalist, who travelled 2 years across 33 provinces. Great photos.

Brian Page: Beijing Then and Now. 2007 (Thunder Bay Press)

Rare photos of old Beijing.

Richard Bowen: Mei Mei Little Sister: Portraits from a Chinese Orphanage. 2005 (Chronicle Books)

China's "lost daughters" in moving photographs.

Chen Jiagang: Chen Jiagang (Chinese Contemporary Photography). 2012 (Thircuir)

Imagery from some of the most exciting artists working in China today.

Howard W. French / Qiu Xiaolong: Disappearing Shanghai: Photographs and Poems of an Intimate Way of Life. 2012 (Homa & Sekey Books)

Photos of old Shanghai and poetry.

Anchee Min: China: People, Place, Culture, History. 2007 (DK Publishing)

Excellent photographs! A journey to the landscapes, history, culture, architecture and peoples of China.

Su Rongyu / Li Houmin / Liu Jiaqi: China from Above 2007 (White Star)

Stunning aerial photographs of China's landscapes.

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